Month: March, 2011

Not Only are We Teaming Up to Put Out THE FUCKING COPS ‘…fuck you up with some truth’, Pre-orders Are Up Now!

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It’s been a busy week here at BMP which means records are selling…which means you’re in luck, because we can afford to put out more! Today we’re not only announcing that we’re teaming up with Brooklyn’s up-and-coming Kind of Like Records, as well as Cleveland’s Big Purple Records, to release some of the best [...]

So we’re like, putting out City Yards debut 7″…

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Well consider me blindsided. Having known Colin Floyd and Brent Mosser from their previous bands (the excellent Stranger on a Train and the Word Play, respectively), I should have expected to be floored by the straight-ahead, storytelling punk of CITY YARDS. Instead, after losing touch with the boys (Brent, honing is touring chops [...]

Check out Seized Up’s New EP, FREE!

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Just a quick note for Friday, Seized Up is one of our favorite new bands out of the Detroit area. We’ve had them out to play a few shows now and they always bring the party. Do yourself a favor and go cop this for free on Bandcamp now!
SEIZED UP - s/t debut [...]

CAVALCADE Fleur de Lis Tour 2011:

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(pictures courtesy of Ben Jenson, Craig and I)
In mid-February, in the midst of discussions with Philip Anselmo of Housecore Records (more well know publicly as the ex-frontman of Pantera and current frontman of Down) about releasing our upcoming record, Dear Entrails, … on his label (release date to be announced soon!), the prospect of bringing [...]