JOSH DAVID & THE DREAM JEANS: Can You Believe We Landed on the Moon? CD/EP
Storming straight out of ‘The Decline of Western Civilization’ comes Josh David & his Dream Jeans, sounding like a demented mash-up of Greg Ginn of Black Flag sitting in with the Germs…or something similarly “punx” with a big load of early-80’s expirimintation and just a dash of Hermosa Beach proto-Hardcore. Enough genre’s for you to chew on? Take a second to check them out instead. Another fine co-release between us and our brothers from other mothers in the Good Time Gang. - $5

CITY YARDS: ‘How Things Are Made’ 7″
Real Detroit Weekly nailed this one on the head: “How Things are Made is an honest and succinct shot of whiskey for the post-punk sentimentalist…hurt your throat singing along, or assign your meanings and use these songs for catharsis on those long drives home.” Couldn’t have put it any better than that myself. First run, 500 on black Detroit-made (every aspect of this release was made in Detroit) Archer vinyl in hand-screened covers, includes digital download w/ 3 bonus tracks in addition to the 4 from the EP! -$3.50 7″ EP

THE FUCKING COPS: …fuck you up with some truth LP/CD”
We’re excited to bring you one the best gritty slabs of Midwest punk this year via The Fucking Cops, the brainchild of Jon Rybicki (whom you might have seen in any number of great Cleveland punk bands) and their 1st propper EP, Fuck You Up With Some Truth. We’re teaming up with Kind of Like Records as well Jon’s own Big Purple Records to offer this album, which feature’s guest vocals/production from Cheap Girls’ Ian Graham (we still have CD copies of Find Me a Drink Home available if you scroll down) and will be availabile via 12″ vinyl, limited edition pressing (250 on black, 250 on purple) with a digital download or CD for slightly cheaper. The vinyl copies will be packed in a hand screened package with a 16 page booklet featuring art from Jason Lubrano, Lauren Denitzio, John G, Shannon Sullivan and Asbestos Breath. If you’re a fan of anything from Fifteen to the Smoking Popes to the Lawrence Arms, do yourself a favor and snag a copy of this catchy as hell EP before we run out! (orders shipped 05/03/11) -$6 CD/ $8 LP

Vinyl $8 (please specify black or purple vinyl):

CD $6:

New Jersey’s One Win Choice serve up an appetizer to their much anticipated full-length by hooking up with Natural Disasters make beautiful melodic hardcore babies. One Win Choice’s Refused-influenced take on the genre takes yet another step forward with these two deftly-played tracks that are fiercely-angled and represent the band’s finest material to date. Natty D’s Rick Johnson-produced side shows the band’s Midwestern heft being thrown around as sing-alongably (yes, I said, “sing-alongably”) as ever. If this 7″ doesn’t give you something to chant along to at either of these bands shows on their respective tours supporting it, you may want to see if you have a pulse. -$4.50

SALE: ORDER One Win Choice/Natural Disasters 7″ now and choose 1 of the following releases to be included for only 3 additional dollars. Choose a 2nd release for only $2! Just click the link below and specify in the order form which release(s) you want at the sale price!

•Lenin/McCarthy “ART” CD
•Fisherking “Forget It” CD
•Frank & Earnest “Old Francis” CD
•Natural Disasters “s/t EP” CD
•Tin Horn Prayer “Get Busy Dying” 12″ vinyl w/ download code
•Imadethismistake “Bow & Quiver” CD or 12″ vinyl w/ download code
•River City Rebels “In Love Loveless” CD
•River City Rebels “Keepsake of Luck…No Real Faith” 12-inch vinyl
•Cheap Girls “Find Me a Drink Home” CD
•Only Thunder “Lower Bounds” 12-inch vinyl w/ CD
•Randy Thunderbird “…How to Talk to Kids About Robots” CD
•The Dogs “Purity Not Perfection” DVD
•Jack Oblivian “Sweet Thang” 7-inch vinyl
•Randy Thunderbird “Good Enough” 7-inch vinyl
•Wastelander “I.C.B.M.” 7-inch vinyl
•The Plurals “Whatevers Forever” CD

OWC/ND 7″ +1 release of your choice for $7.50

OWC/ND 7″ +2 releases of your choice for $9.50

TIN HORN PRAYER: ‘Get Busy Dying’ vinyl
Ever wonder what it would sound like if the Lawrence Arms and Uncle Tupelo got into a barfight? The results are captured on this fine slab of wax by Denver mainstays/ex-members of The Blackout Pact, Only Thunder, Ghost Buffalo, Pinhead Circus, etc. Digital download code included. Black vinyl, black on black UV jackets, black printed record sleeves, black velvet whiskey, black attitude, black everything… (copy of Hood Illustrated pictured above, not included) -$10

Lenin/McCarthy: ‘Art’ CD
These “pinko commie beatles” did not want to retail their ‘Art’, but due to popular demand, we’re proud to offer you the debut long-player from an exciting new band featuring RICK JOHNSON (Mustard Plug, Rick Johnson Rock n’ Roll Machine, Bomb the Music Industry, etc.) and his Mustard Plug battery-mate NATE COHN, along with MARIO BOURZAC (Hell or Highwater). Ten songs that will absolutely either bring to mind Nomeansno or afternoons spent playing Skate or Die…or both…either way, check ‘em out, and pick up a copy of their “Art” -$7

IMADTHISMISTAKE: ‘Bow & Quiver’ vinyl
Super excited to have this amazing record available on vinyl! Digital download code included. Make sure to specify translucent green or black in your order! -$10

TIN HORN PRAYER: ‘Get Busy Dying’ CD
“Debut release from the newest Denver, CO supergroup, featuring members of The Blackout Pact, Only Thunder, Love Me Destroyer, Pinhead Circus and Ghost Buffalo. The album contains 10 off-kilter, whiskey soaked ramblers that are reminscent of what it would sound like if Uncle Tupelo, Tom Waits and The Blackout Pact got into a barfight. The Lucero comparisons are inevitable, however the members can’t help but let some of their post-punk roots shine through with angular guitar playing and noisy flourishes throughout. If you are a fan of punk, post-punk, alt-country or americana, this is worth a listen for consideration on your ‘Best of 2010′ list.” -$7

CD’s SOLD OUT/ Order vinyl with digital download here: VINYL COLLECTIVE

Fisherking EP and Shirt Deal

For a LIMITED TIME! Pick up Fisherking’s new blistering hardcore punk sing-along debut ‘Forget It’ EP and get a T-shirt all for $10 flat! (please specify size S, M, L, XL and shirt color - Red or Gray)

Local Pick-up (make arrangements via

Mail Order:

Wastelander and Abigail - nuke n puke

WASTELANDER/ABIGAIL: ‘nuke n’ puke’ split 7″ vinyl
“When teaming up Lansing post-apocolyptic thrash metallers Wastelander with Japanese peers Abigail and deciding to release 666 copies of nuclear thrash punk/metal cross-over on puke-colored vinyl 2 years ago, one would expect that Satan himself got involved for all of the demons that have held up the release of this long awaited vinyl. Everything from a backmasked sample not recieving the easy clearance expected to record pressing plates mysteriously disappearing overseas has occured in attempt to keep this international release from the masses of party-like-it’s-the-end-of-days metal-heads, but Bermuda Mohawk, in all of it’s perserverant glory has finally seen this through to fruition. Be sure to pick up a copy of this super-collectible, super-cursed release before these mysteriously combust, vaporize or melt into vinyl goo in any further supernatural effort to keep this release from your ears. -$5 (limited to 666 copies on PUKE-colored vinyl!!!)

U.S. Orders:

International Orders:

Frank and Earnest - Old Francis EP

FRANK AND EARNEST: ‘old francis’ CD/EP
“Another debut release from an up-and-coming Michigan band that features ex-and current members of The Cartridge Family, The Tease, Hell or Highwater and Shoelace. Frank and Earnest weave story-telling and melodic punk into an engaging mix that will leave the listener checking the liner notes to “dog-ear” their favorite clever turns of phrase and quote-ables. Featuring art from ubiquitous superstar graphic artist Craig Horky, the 8 songs on this release stand as a primer for those about to enter uninspiring working class midwestern life. Frank and Earnest, much like the comic strip characters, deliver honest and heartfelt observations through a full-time shit-eating grin. A must for fans of the Lawrence Arms, Lucero or anyone that enjoys solid, catchy singer-songwriter rock n’ roll.” -$5

Fisherking - Forget It EP

“The debut offering from this 3-piece offers up 5 tracks of equally blistering and melodic punk/hardcore that harkens back to the 80’s when the raw emotion of this style of music shined through the playing and production. That said, these songs are bound to induce sweaty swing-alongs with choruses and call and response that will get stuck in your head for days. An exciting debut from a band we’re bound to hear more from as they embark on their first bout of touring this summer.” -$5


“Lansing/Kalamazoo, MI’s Natural Disasters aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel on their 2nd release and first for Bermuda Mohawk. What they are doing, however, is crafting perfectly sing-a-alongable (is sing-a-long-able a word? It should be) melodic hardcore in the vein of mainstream peers Rise Against and Strike Anywhere. Fans of these bands or any of impassioned, epic anthems of youthful disenfranchisement will want to take notice, as this band has taken a huge leap toward the head of the pack with this release. If that weren’t enough reason to look into this release, the masterful production work by Rick Johnson (MUSTARD PLUG, CHEAP GIRLS) at Cold War Studios, mastering by Mass Giorgini (SCREECHING WEASEL, THE QUEERS, RISE AGAINST, ANTI-FLAG) and art by Craig Horky, should sweeten the deal sufficiently.” -$5



“Kylewilliam Campol and crew return for the proper follow up to 2008’s It’s Okay with an epic document showing of the most shimmering elements of the band’s post-punk side. Ten propulsive and giant-sounding tracks form an amazingly cohesive effort, featuring horns, piano, and shout-alongs in addition to imadethismistake’s signature heart-on-sleeve spoken-word/sung delivery. Refreshing in the short attention age, ‘Bow & Quiver’ listens spectacularly as an album and tells a compelling story from start to finish. For those unfamiliar with imadethismistake or the band’s previous work, ‘Bow & Quiver’ marks an excellent starting point that should appeal to fans of bands like Hot Water Music and Cursive equally. -$10


Bermuda Mohawk Productions, “Welcome to the ‘Aughts” Sale!!!

2010 not only kicks off Bermuda Mohawk’s 2nd decade in existence, but also marks a big year for us, so we are trying to make room for new releases. With this in mind, we are offering our first ever clearance sale:

Choose any 6 of the below titles for $30 (be sure to indicate which 5 in your paypal order)

Choose any 3 for $18 (be sure to indicate which 3 in your paypal order)


Welcome to the ‘Aughts Sale Eligible Releases:

  • River City Rebels “In Love Loveless” CD
  • Cheap Girls “Find Me a Drink Home” CD
  • Only Thunder “Lower Bounds” 12-inch vinyl
  • The Cartridge Family “TCF/DVD”
  • Randy Thunderbird “…How to Talk to Kids About Robots” CD
  • The Dogs “Purity Not Perfection” DVD
  • Jack Oblivian “Sweet Thang” 7-inch vinyl
  • River City Rebels “Keepsake of Luck…No Real Faith” 12-inch vinyl
  • To Fear the Wolf - “Frontiers” CD
  • Cavalcade “Into Bolivan” CD
  • Randy Thunderbird “Good Enough” 7-inch vinyl
  • Wastelander “I.C.B.M.” 7-inch vinyl
  • The Plurals “Whatevers Forever” CD



Randy Thunderbird - robots, etc

Randy Thunderbird - How to Talk to Kids About Robots (CD)
“Chicago/Kalamazoo(MI) quartet Randy Thunderbird have hit a homerun for the Midwest punk genre with “How to Talk to Kids About Robots”.
The band has been sweating off drunken house shows and bar nights for the past year to deliver what should stand as one of the catchiest album’s
in its genre for 2010. The 10-song effort is must for any fan of exasperated singalongs in the vein of fellow burn-outs Dillinger Four, (early)
Alkaline Trio, Jawbreaker, Banner Pilot, etc.” -$10 (FREE SHIPPING)


tCF Calendar

Sold Out / Out of Print!




Jack O

JACK OBLIVIAN - Sweet Thang 7″
A new solo offering from the Memphis rock legend and frontman of the THE OBLIVIANS and THE COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS. Stripped down, dirty rock goodness. A split release from Bermuda Mohawk and The Wind Records and sure to sell out of initial run of 500 quick! -$5.00


To Fear the Wolf - Frontiers

TO FEAR THE WOLF - Frontiers (CD EP)
The debut EP from To Fear the Wolf contains six tracks of Americana inspired punk that will pretty much either make you want to dust off the Springsteen LP’s or watch ‘Footloose’. I’m not sure which, but for me (Cale), personally, it was ‘Footloose’. At any rate, if you are like 90% of the punk-listening/following world at this point and have even a passing fancy for bands like The Loved Ones or The Gaslight Anthem, this EP is absolutely worth your time. Check it out now because supplies are limited! -$6



Cheap Girls and the Failures’ Union (feat. Jason from Lemuria) just so happen to be the newest signee’s to Vinny Fiorello’s upstart Paper & Plastick label (he did pretty well for himself with Fueled by Ramen). What better way to whet your appetite for these band’s upcoming releases than a split 7″ co-released by Bermuda Mohawk and Art of the Underground. Each band takes turns with a new original and a cover (Cheap Girls do Dramarama and Failures’ Union takes Dinosaur Jr) for an excellent listen. A total must have for fans of either band. The first pressing (black) is limited to 500 copies, so move quick!. -$4.50  

Sold Out!!!


Danger Society - EP Phone Home

Follow up EP to full-length ‘Paint the Walls’. Same hard-edged punk, same shout-along chouruses, 40% more aggressive! These guys have found their voice…check it out! -$5.00  



Jason Alarm - Engage CD ep

JASON ALARM - Engage CD ep
Debut offering from Lansing hoodrats. For fans of catchy-as hell punk/synth explosion. -$5.00  



RCR Keepsake

RIVER CITY REBELS - Keepsake of Luck…No Real Faith LP
Vinyl LP release of ex-Victory Records punk veteran’s slab of pure, weathered rock ‘n roll genius. -$10



RCR - In Love...Loveless

Writing their respective takes on the 8 years of tough and relentless touring/recording/living, ‘In Love/Loveless’ functions as Dan & Brandon’s ‘Speakerboxxx/The Love Below’, in many ways. This album is sure to resonate with long-term fans of the band as it follows an amazing progression into the next chapter of the River City Rebels. The Rebels now take noticible cues from some of the best moments of luminaries such as The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and The Replacements and have seamlessly integrated them into the band’s signature sound to create a weathered rock sound that echoes the experience of the band’s peers while maintaining its own (now very) distinctive sound. ‘In Love/Loveless’ will certainly stand as a “must-have” for any long-time RCR fans while also introducing them to a new audience in the roots/rock community that will not be able to deny the depth, insight, pain and experience in the vocals as well as the exceptional use of strings, horns and piano in the production. -$10


ONLY THUNDER - Lower Bounds LP (w/ CD copy included!)An exciting debut 12″ LP from this Denver, CO supergroup that features ex-members of The Blackout Pact, Pinhead Circus, Qualm, Cost of Living, and Ghost Buffalo. Lower Bounds picks up where The Blackout Pact’s fantastic 2005 Geoff Rickley-produced Astro Magnetics release, ‘Hello Sailor’, left off with the same powerful, upbeat, melodic crunch and gruff vocals, but with an added focus on dynamics and atmosphere. The resulting 11-track LP elevates the band into a stratosphere occupied by such melodic heavyweights as Quicksand, Far, Helmet, and latter-period Hot Water Music & Small Brown Bike. Pre-order now and don’t miss your chance to nab one of the EXTREMELY limited 1st run copies (200 on Black vinyl, 300 on TBA color/design, each with its own special 4-color hand-screened cover & silk-screened CD copy included). -$12




Cheap Girls - Find Me a Drink Home

CHEAP GIRLS - Find Me a Drink Home (CD)“Beyond the sweet initial taste, ‘Find Me a Drink Home’ has strong bite. Much like loud pop icons Dinosaur Jr., Cheap Girls has a lot to say beyond the tight hooks and crushing volume. Ian Graham develops songs like conversations enveloped over a pint of whiskey: realizations come hard and peace of mind comes even harder. Even if these songs don’t develop a conclusion, the reward is in the journey. Beneath the stunning power pop that shows off early 90’s radio influences such as the Gin Blossoms and the Lemonheads, lies a rewarding depth not often found in songs this catchy.” -$9




Dogs DVD

THE DOGS - Purity Not Perfection (DVD)Los Angeles by-way-of Lansing, MI punks The Dogs are back, some 31 years after releasing what some consider the first ever punk rock single. This DVD offers a closer look at a band that has been name-checked by everyone from John Sinclair to Henry Rollins and stands as the missing link between the Detroit grit proto-punk of the MC5 and the Stooges and the early-80’s Southern California punk sound of such bands as The Germs and Black Flag. -$10




Danger Society
DANGER SOCIETY - Paint the Walls (CD)The Lansing hoodrats who brought you the Chicken Flickers are back on the streets with Danger Society. Think extremely catchy psuedo-squatter style fortified with 100% of your daily value of shout-along choruses (in vain of Leftover Crack or Falling Sickness). -$8

THE PLURALS - Whatevers Forever (CD)This Michigan 3-piece fully comes into its own on the first BMP/Good Time Gang co-release. ‘Whatevers Forever’ features 10-tracks that seamlessly run the gamut of rock, punk, psych and everything that was good about the 90’s (fuzz, feedback, guy/girl vocals, loud-soft dynamic) and is packaged in a handsome, carbon-footprint friendly eco-wallet. Great band, great people. Check out their record label as well! -$8

RANDY THUNDERBIRD - “Good Enough” 7″This Kalamazoo, MI 4-piece completely outdid themselves on their debut 4-song 7″ by playing fast, catchy, clever, sing-a-long punk which brings to mind the golden era of 90’s pop-punk and a bevy of new comparisons that come to mind every time you spin it. These guys, who mix it up by all sharing song-writing/vocal duties, planned on releasing this 7″ themselves, but when we heard it, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make this BMP 0030. Fresh off of a successful tour with Hell or Highwater, make sure to check out Randy Thunderbird and “Good Enough”, which proves its title to be the understatement of the year. -$4

Wastelander 4 sale
WASTELANDER - I.C.B.M. 7″Four post-apocalyptic dirges into the despair of the Infernal City on 7″ vinyl (200 grey/black splatter, 300 grey w/ black haze). Somewhat of a metal supergroup, featuring ex/current members of SUMMON, HARBINGER, MASOCHIST, SUPERCHRIST, & THE MEATMEN, WASTELANDER delivers a unique sound that appeals to thrash, black metal, and early hardcore/punk fans alike. -$5

Cade Into Bolivian
CAVALCADE - Into Bolivian (CD)The debut full-length by these doom/psych-metal provocateurs takes you through 10 seperate vignettes, thematically linked as exporations into the minds of actual schitzophrenics and borderline personalities such as Joseph “The Pigeon Man” Zeman, Edward “King of Coral Castle” Leedskalnin, and Mike Tyson to name a few. RIYL: The Melvins, Sleep, Mr. Bungle, Black Sabbath, The Refused, Sonic Youth, or Mastodon. Includes full digipak packaging. -$10

Matadors of Shame - If We Go Down, We Go Down Together
MATADORS OF SHAME - If We Go Down, We Go Down Together (CD)Eleven loose tales of drinking on the porch with your friends ’til the sun comes up, kicking around East Lansing, balancing school, work, drinking, being in a band and drinking. Made several critics top-10 of ‘07 lists and is an absolute must for any fans of The Lawrence Arms, Samiam, Jawbreaker or Hot Water Music. $10

HoH Dichotomy of the Damned
HELL OR HIGHWATER - Dichotomy of the Damned (CD EP)The EP that kicked off the dysfunctional BMP/HOH marriage. Speaking of dysfunctional marriages, this ridiculously catchy EP has more shout-alongs than the Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown union did. $6

HoH I'm Not a Religious Man But Today I'm Praying for Death
HELL OR HIGHWATER - I’m Not a Religious Man, But Today I’m Praying for Death (CD EP)The latest shot of righteous vitriol from the “Fest”-tested purveyors of socially conscious, metallic-tinged punk rock. $6

THE CARTRIDGE FAMILY - tcf/dvdFollow Michigan’s clown princes of punk rock through their first 3 years of mayhem, mischief and trendsetting. From Abe Lincoln worship to 20+ band-member freakouts, this DVD stakes tCF’s claim as midwestern forebears of a burgeoning genre. $10